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The effect of breastfeeding on spontan resolution of monosymptomatic enuresis

Eyup Burak Sancak et al.

International Brazilian Journal of Urology 2016 May-Jun; 42(3): 550–557

Commentary by Guy Bogaert

This is, to our knowledge the second study and publication that has looked into a “possible association” between the duration of breastfeeding and the spontaneous resolution rate of monosymptomatic enuresis.  180 families with a bedwetting child were included in this (Turkish) study.  Gender, educational status and duration of breastfeeding were compared to the time of spontaneous resolution of the nocturnal enuresis.  It was found that when breastfeeding lasted for more than 5 months, there was a positive contribution to the mean age of spontaneous resolution rate of nocturnal enuresis.  1  Some people say that with “statistics” one can prove anything, however, this is the second independent study with comparable findings.  The authors are unable to make any solid hypothesis regarding the relationship of duration of breastfeeding and resolution of the bedwetting.  The value of the results and findings of this study have therefore little or no clinical relevance.